No College For You?

Even if you are a strong student, have you decided that after high school graduation you simply don't want to step into a formal college classroom, at least for now? Perhaps you have always known that you are not college-bound, and that you want more of a hands-on education. You might be the person that all your friends and family members went to when they wanted to look especially nice and they needed fancy makeup for that special occasion. You may be the person who loves to browse the cosmetic counter at department stores, maybe even having professionals do your makeup for you. If you fit any of those descriptions, you may be very interested in a career as a cosmetologist. From attending classes to working on actual human beings, here are some things that you might be facing at cosmetology school.

Classroom Learning - At cosmetology school, you more than likely will begin your studies right in the classroom. Hopefully, it will be a different experience than the one you had while you were in high school. Maybe because you are passionate about learning cosmetology skills, the classroom instruction will totally fascinate you. Besides learning things like different skin types and which colors work on different complexions, you'll more than likely also learn about skin conditions that may need to be referred to an actual physician. You'll learn the chemistry of things like skin creams and depilatories. Be ready to take tests in the classroom, too. 

Hands-on Learning - More than likely, your favorite part of cosmetology school will be when you get to work on actual customers. At first, you and your classmates may take turns working on each other as you try new techniques and as you learn to use the skills you have been taught by your instructors. You'll probably be encouraged to try different techniques at home, too. You'll more than likely consider that practice part of your homework assignment. The time will probably come that you will be allowed to work on actual clients who come to the cosmetology school because the fees are lower than at regular stores. Learn to ask questions like, Are you wanting a more dramatic look? or What colors do you usually reach for when you shop for things like lipstick and eye shadow? In other words, you'll learn how to communicate well with your clients, a skill that will serve you well when you're an actual cosmetologist.