3 Extra Courses That You Can Take During Your Cosmetology Program

Going to beauty school and enrolling in a cosmetology program is a wonderful idea if you have a desire to work in the hair and beauty industry and enjoy making others feel good about themselves. The regular courses in a cosmetology program generally include teaching you in depth about coloring, cutting, and otherwise caring for and treating hair, as well as the basics of waxing, manicures, pedicures, and facials. However, most cosmetology programs also include extra classes that you can pay to take, that are going to be taught in addition to the regular courses. These classes are going to provide you with even more specialized skills, which can allow you to make yourself more marketable as a cosmetologist and potentially make more money. Also, because these courses are often separate certifications from your cosmetology license, you can sometimes finish them, become certified, and then make money doing these things while you are still in cosmetology school. This article is going to discuss 3 extra courses that you can take during your cosmetology program. 

Eyelash Extensions

One great extra course that you can take during your cosmetology program is a course on eyelash extensions. This course is going to teach you how to place classic eyelash extensions on each and every individual lash. You will learn how to properly protect your clients' eyes during the process, as well as how to use the lash glue, the tweezers, and all other supplies. You can even take some advanced lash courses to learn how to do volume lashes, which involve putting a fan of 3 lashes onto each individual lash. This will allow you to please a diverse group of clients and build a large clientele. 


Most women have to fill in their eyebrows in order to get them to look how they want them to. However, microblading is now being taught as an extra class at many cosmetology schools. Microblading involves tattooing "hairs" onto eyebrows, so that the eyebrows have a full and natural look. This stops women from having to fill in their eyebrows at all, and is something that is becoming very popular. By learning this trade and becoming certified, you are going to provide this great service to multiple women. 

Nail Technician 

While regular courses in cosmetology school are going to teach you how to do basic manicures and pedicures, taking an extra course can teach you how to actually become a nail technician. This will allow you to learn how to do things such as gel nails, acrylic nails, dipped nails, and more. Being able to work as a nail technician, as well as a cosmetologist, can help you to increase your income and be more marketable, which allows you to be more successful. 

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